Best mining GPU 2020

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how to choose best Mining GPU ? Best GPU for Mining 2020: to have a better understanding from mining and profitability of different type of graphic cards there are three main parameters that you have to keep in mind to choose best GPU ,the first one is hash-rate more hash-rate power mean more profitability but in the other hand higher hash-rate cards are expensive , second one is electricity consumption you have to research and find lowest electricity consumption rate cards to save more profit , the third is its memory density more memory means more profit .there are many websites that technically introduce best GPU for mining but to get exact and accurate income and profit you should check it with the mining pool that you want to join and mine there for example nicehash has profitability calculate another similar pools normally list most profitable GPU and their profitability in their website .if you want to reduce your investment return period try not to buy brand new cards , find trusted second hand source and buy them cheaper .based on my current experience below i will share best current cards with their profit rate to know more about their hardware detail  visit this website .

  1. AMD VII – $35.65 monthly
  2. NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti – $31.93 monthly
  3. NVIDIA RTX 2080 – $27.28 monthly
  4. NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti – $24.80  monthly
  5. AMD RX 5700 – $22.94 monthly
  6. AMD RX 5700 XT – $22.94  monthly
  7. NVIDIA RTX 2070 – $21.39 monthly
  8. AMD RX Vega 64 – $18.29 monthly
  9. NVIDIA RTX 2060 – $18.29  monthly
  10. NVIDIA P104-100 – $17.98  monthly
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